Service Charges

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All prices quoted are indicative and individual quotes including those for services not listed are available upon request.




£0.72 per annum per ENCTS card

£0.72 per extended period product created

£0.12 per calendar month or 28-day period product created

£0.03 per week period product created

£0.01 per day period product created (or day added to a carnet of days)

£0.005 per trip product created (or trip added to a carnet of trips)

£3,000 per new ITSO ticket product creation

£102.50 per annum per ISAM


£15,375 initial licence fee

1% of transaction value for first 100,000 transactions per annum

0.5% thereafter

Mimimum payment £255 per live Barista ID per annum


£102.50 per annum per ISAM

includes 75,000 transactions, additional boardings £0.004 (0.4 pence) per transaction

£3,000 per new ITSO ticket product creation

Robusta Purchase

£2,390 for ETM purchase and first year service (per ETM)

£490 annual ETM maintenance charge from year two (per ETM)


£165 per regular ETM

£185 per small ETM

Robusta Finance

£80 per ETM per month

£89 per ETM and ISAM per month

Charges for other services are available upon request.