Cookie Information

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Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer in order to maintain information about your visit and chosen preferences for the website you are visiting.

This website places the following cookies on your computer :

"Cookie Control" popup cookie

We use a singular cookie so we know when you have seen the cookie popup on your first visit. This is to stop the popup from reappearing when you navigate to different pages on our site.

  • civicAllowCookies -  Expires in 3 months

Contact us form

The following cookie is used when sending us a message via the contact us page and is used as a token to protect against malicious web attacks.  

  • __RequestVerificationToken_Lw__ - Expires when browser session is ended

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor web traffic flow to our website. The cookies are used to collect non personal information about your visit, including time spent on each web page and to identify you if you are a returning visitor. 

  • __utma - Expires in 2 years
  • __utmb - Expires in 30 minutes
  • __utmc - Expires when current browser session is ended
  • __utmz - Expires in 6 months

Google provides a browser plugin if you wish to opt out of Google Analytics across all websites and can be found here.

Storing Cookies

We encourage you to allow us to store these cookies so we can develop a better user experience for yourself and others in the future. By using this website you accept the use of cookies for this purpose unless you choose to block cookies using your browser. If you do not wish to store cookies from this site then please alter your browser settings to block all or specific cookies. A guide to removing existing cookies from your computer can be found here.