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If you have already invested or want to invest in your own smart enabled ETMs but don’t have access to a HOPS, Yorcard can provide a solution for you. Yorcard’s Liberica Service for Operators offers you access to the Yorcard HOPS at a low cost (based on the number of ETMs you operate) and will entitle you to the 8% BSOG uplift.

Access to the HOPS is only part of the Liberica Service, in addition Yorcard will:

  • process your transactions
  • provide you with periodic reports about usage on your services from Yorcard’s back office system – Nero
  • provide hotlisting functionality to reduce fraud
  • give you the ability to see what the local authority sees for your services using Nero
  • provide you with business support and ITSO expertise
  • provide you with profiled and quality assured ISAMs for your buses
  • test your products and ETMs in Yorcard’s Integrated Test Facility

The Liberica Service gives you access to Nero, which gives you up to date information about smart ticket usage by ticket machine to complement your depot systems.

All ENCTS senior and disabled entitlements are pre-profiled to your ISAMs along with “Yorcard Travel Money”. If you want to create new smart tickets, Yorcard will provide the business support and ITSO expertise to create, register and manage your new products.

If a new product is created that you want or need to accept, Yorcard will work with your ETM supplier to ensure the ITSO messages to enable acceptance are received and acknowledged correctly.

The Liberica Service includes industry leading Service Level Agreements and a 60 day termination clause after the first three years of service.