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Yorcard’s Kafeneon Service is provided for point of sale equipment and software manufacturers who want to quickly, easily and inexpensively offer ITSO smart ticketing support to their customers.   Kafeneon is the nuts and bolts of Yorcard’s ITSO remote POST solution.  Simply put, an ITSO remote POST allows you to create and verify smart ticket products without the need for an ISAM installed in the point of sale terminal.  Kafeneon is available on a SaaS basis, hosted by Yorcard. 

Kafeneon is certified by ITSO, so you will make significant savings in development and certification costs by using Yorcard’s Kafeneon Service.

Kafeneon can be integrated with an array of clients including websites, kiosks/ticket vending machines, Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) software and apps for use with NFC enabled devices.

Kafeneon handles all the messaging and security requirements of ITSO, and is able to create any registered ITSO product the client supports.  Integrators can use either in-process .NET libraries and NuGet, or RESTful WebAPI to consume the Kafeneon service.

If the integrated solution is intended to retail ITSO products registered by Yorcard, Yorcard will provide all the encoding details necessary to create the ITSO products. 

For each client Yorcard will supply the appropriate licences and authentication details.  Yorcard will also provide you with documentation and support so you can access the Kafeneon Service when you are developing your client software. 

There is no cost for the use of the Kafeneon Service for development; there is a one-time charge when you make your first sale and a transaction charge (subject to an annual minimum payment) thereafter.  Kafeneon Terms of Use can be found here and further information can be found by contacting the Yorcard team.